NYC Cops Keep Blocking Bike Lanes. Here’s the Fix.

By now we have all seen the photos of NYC cops blocking bike lanes. There’s even (or of course there is) a Tumblr blog. What really throws our chains  is that the cops taking up our bike lanes are also taking up Operation Safe Cycle, which ostensibly aims to target “hazardous violations that create a danger for pedestrians and bicyclists” according to Gothamist. It’s like screwing for virginity. 

We did some research, and have a solution.

NYPD officers who park in bike lanes are in violation of NYC Traffic Rules, Chapter 4, Section 12:   “no person shall drive a vehicle on or across a designated bicycle lane in such manner as to interfere with the safety and passage of persons operating bicycles.” We had a prominent attorney* review the Traffic Rules and she confirmed that unless the officer is actively engaged in an urgent matter that provides reasonable cause for such interference, the officer is in violation 4-12 of the Traffic Rules and may be prosecuted accordingly.

For this reason, we advocate issuing a summons to the officer to notify them of their infraction. Because two wrongs don’t make a right, we believe in courtesy and leniency: let them off with a verbal warning. We have provided a summons below you may click on, print, cut out, and use to help the NYPD officers in keeping the streets safe. The versatile design ensures that it may be handed directly to the officer, or placed on their windshield should they be having lunch.

Velocution Ticket



* OK, so go sue us, we did not really show this to a lawyer.

  1 comment for “NYC Cops Keep Blocking Bike Lanes. Here’s the Fix.

  1. Queensrider
    August 16, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    hey you should get these printed up as stickers that people can slap on the backs (or windows?) of the offending patrol cars i would totally do that. the post is funny but no way i would actually give it to a cop its just asking for trouble

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