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How to Get Drunk, Drive, Kill a Cyclist, and Get Away with It

James Mitchell, 18, was riding his bike less than half a mile from his home in Cohocton, NY.  He was into Bob Marley, and riding and fixing bikes. He was his father’s “best friend.”  Kyle O’Neal is 26. He was drunk, and ran over James, killing him. Kyle then split.  He was eventually caught.  In two years, he’ll be out again. It… Read more →

NYC Cops Keep Blocking Bike Lanes. Here’s the Fix.

By now we have all seen the photos of NYC cops blocking bike lanes. There’s even (or of course there is) a Tumblr blog. What really throws our chains  is that the cops taking up our bike lanes are also taking up Operation Safe Cycle, which ostensibly aims to target “hazardous violations that create a danger for pedestrians and bicyclists” according to Gothamist.… Read more →